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Happy Tales

We love hearing about the happy lives our pets are living!

Submit your love story today! (we really love pictures too)



Hello Leavenworth Humane Society,

I’ve adopted Luciano from LHS back in November 2020 and I went to go check on your online website today after remembering. I saw that you now have a section to share stories and updates about adopted pets from here and wanted to give you all an update on his growth and how beautiful he has become after healing from the eye infection he had when I adopted him! 

Luciano has grown a lot; he’s extremely playful, loves biting toes under the blankets, lots of cuddles and kisses, and knows that he is extremely spoiled. He loves to cheese and pose in photos- he just knows that he is handsome with his big blue eyes! He is a huge fan of going on hikes that he will literally beg all day to be put into his backpack to go outside. 


Thank you for approving my adoption application for Luciano! I’ve never been a cat lover but when I was on Petfinder- I just instantly fell in love with him and needed to get him. Best choice I’ve ever made in my entire life because we are now best friends. I would do anything in the world for his happiness and I think he knows that haha.




Luciano  Nhi



Hi Leavenworth Humane Society,


Just wanted to send a quick THANK YOU and give a life update for Wylie. We adopted him one year ago this Sunday and it was the best decision we ever made! We love him so much and are so grateful to you all at the LV Humane Society. I attached pictures of Wylie...he is living a good life with us in Tucson, AZ! He enjoys walks/hikes, going to doggy daycare where he plays with bubbles and paints pictures, chasing his squirrels around, and lounging in the sun.


Thank you for all you do to help dogs like Wylie find their family. We are very grateful to you all. A Chewy gift card should be headed your way-hopefully it can be put to good use!


Thanks again,

Wylie, Sara, and Eric



Hello LCHS!

We wanted to give you an update about Taren! He has been re-named Charlie (but really we call him Chuck) and he has turned into a full adventure cat! He loves going on hikes with the dogs and brings us joy and humor every day! 

Thank you for everything you do! 



 She has stolen my heart and refuses to give it back. I firmly believe that she had taken a liking to do me. She even lays next to me now.  She is healing well and loves to canter like the prized stallion she is.( we won't tell she is a short Lil  girl as that would crush her!)

Don't worry about a thing. She does have tiny bladder issues but she does pretty well getting outside and gets better each day. She is never without comfort as she has many beds, couches and blankies to choose from.

Occasionally I have the urge to call her Squirt like in "Leave it to Beaver but I refrain. 

Alas, we are happy together and that bond will surely grow. 

Thanks to all that made this reunion happen 

❤️ Karol and Jelly



Thought you might like an update on Hotch. His name is now Hoss because he's such a big boy and he's fitting in wonderfully. He's a real snuggle bug which is what I wanted and he loves to play with our other cat. As you can see he's also made himself quite at home with the dogs. We are so glad to have found him and so thankful you saved him.

John and Elizabeth D.



Dear friends at LCHS,

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for Walter! It's so amazing how his adoption fell into place as if it was never in our control, all in God's! We are feeling so blessed and lucky, and he is indeed the happiest he can possibly be! I honestly can't stop smiling, he is truly the perfect addition to our family! So thank you, thank you, thank you! I pray that all you wonderful people are doing for dogs and families in our community comes back to you tenfold!

Thank you! 


20210107_104324 (1).jpg


Good morning!  This is a picture of "Jill" with her new step sister Nyota(Also a rescue) watching The Pet Collective.   Her name is now Bella.  Santa brought her tons of gifts.  She has learned to not nip, to sit, stay and to be more gentle when given treats.  She is so smart & loves to cuddle.  As you can see from the picture, she is very attached to Nyota.  Good news is that Nyota and my fiancé will be moving to KCMO from IA in April.  I hope everyone there had a joyous holiday!  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to love and spoil Bella. If you would like to share this picture to your FB page/website, we don't mind.  Hopefully, it will encourage more people to rescue.  This was taken in IA where we spent our holidays.  

Thanks again!



We adopted Cash (Karamo) in July 2019! He’s the sweetest, smartest, and goofiest boy, we all love him so much. He loves to play with toys and run the yard at full speed. Cash also loves everyone and wants to be everyone’s best friend, whether human or animal



I was just wanting to touch base with you and give you an update on Dani! We are so in love with her, she has made a perfect addition into our family! She is the sweetest thing and has really started to come out of her shell. She enjoys playing ball all the time, sleeping in her special chair by the window and giving all the cuddles and biscuits! Every night when I get home from work she comes running to the door and then curls up next to me to sleep! She loves treats and meal time (she’s spoiled and get wet and dry food) and comes running when you open her food bag. She has even started to talk to us and has the softest and cutest meow. Friday she is having another surgery to fix her tail, she has recently decided she likes to lick it and make it bleed, preventing proper healing. We can not thank you enough for letting us adopt her she has brought us so much joy and laughter, we love her dearly and are slightly obsessed with her, well slightly is an understatement!



We just wanted to send a quick email to say thank you for helping us find the perfect fit for our family. Everyone was so patient and helpful. Flax (now Hank) has adjusted to our household and the dogs much quicker than expected. He is doing great (although I think he may believe he is just a small dog, as he has claimed his spot on the dog mat), and we couldn't be happier. 


Thanks from all of us!


The Moreau family 



We wanted to give you an update on Quan.  He now goes by "Teddy" Bear.  Teddy has been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is such a loving dog we can't imagine being without him.  We spent New Year's Eve in Colorado.  He seems to enjoy the snow.  He is doing well for the most part.  He is dealing with a bit of arthritis and some anxiety but we are working through everything.  We wish we knew what his past was to help us understand him but he doesn't say much about what happened in his previous life.  We just wanted you to know he has found a loving home where he gets lots of treats and endless ear rubs, he absolutely loves those.  Thank you for all the work you do and taking care of these animals until they find a forever home.  Teddy has a forever home where he has endless amounts of love.

Karen, Tim and Teddy Bear  



We adopted Harold (previously known as Sahara) January 2021 after losing our bunny to cancer. Harold is living his best life now snoozing in sunny window ledges, playing with his cat sister, and chasing all the toys. He loves to play in his mom's yarn while she knits or crochets, and pulls books down from his dad's library. He has a towering cat tree to perch on and gets to go for adventures in the cat stroller. Our Harry has really made himself at home in our hearts.

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