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One Time Donation

A donation in any amount helps.

Our largest expenses are mortgage, utilities, veterinary care & pet supplies.  Average monthly expenses approach $9000.

Monthly Sponsorship

Recurring monthly donations are a HUGE help! They allow us to plan and budget and mean that you know you're contributing an amount you are comfortable with without going to the trouble of mailing a check, stopping by, or using the donate button every month. (Though, we love that too!) 

Check this box to set up monthly donatio

Sponsor a Kennel


Sponsor Medical Care

Domino’s Legacy
Everyone probably has one particular animal (or several) who touched them in a special way.  Domino is one such animal.  A black and white spotted pup, alone in the country, Domino was hit by a car and severely injured on October 16, 2009.  The Leavenworth County Sheriff’s Office called LCHS, Inc. after being unable to locate his owner.  LCHS, Inc. took Domino in and secured emergency care for him.  Unfortunately, his injuries were so severe, and his prognosis was so poor that the kindest thing was to euthanize him.  Domino lives on though, in the hearts of those he touched in those brief hours we knew him, and through the establishment of LCHS’s Domino Fund.  This fund honors Domino’s brave and gentle spirit and allows donors to designate their gifts to be used for emergency care of ill or injured homeless pets.

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