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Please understand that all funds donated to the Tooth Fairy Fund will be directed to the area of greatest need for the care of our homeless pets, and might not be exclusively used for dental care if other more emergent needs arise. 

Tooth be told, we could use some help.

     Currently at LCHS, inc. we have multiple homeless cats and dogs in our care in serious need of dental care. Some of the procedures needed can cost thousands of dollars and to be honest, with how full the shelter has been the last year, we don't have enough funds for all the medical bills.

So we are asking for help, and establishing the Tooth Fairy Fund! Every dollar helps give these pets a better quality of life and frequently helps to relieve the pain they have been in for who knows how long. 
But you don't have to wait to be a Tooth Fairy for a pet in need! We appreciate donations of all sizes to the Tooth Fairy Fund!  

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