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Nothing warms our hearts quite like hearing from our adopters!
Check out some of the submitted stories from our LCHS Alumni below or join our Facebook Group and connect with fellow adopters and LCHS volunteers!

Submit Your Story!

Are you the proud adopter of an LCHS pet? Feel free to send us an update! We all absolutely love hearing the tales you have to tell- from the adventures you've had with them , the mischief you've made together,

or just about all of the love they've brought into your life. 

Join our 'Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc. Alumni" Group on Facebook.

Not on Facebook? You can also send an email to or by clicking the button

below to send us an update about your LCHS Alum!
Be sure to include their name and a photo! (and include their LCHS name if you remember it!)

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