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Our Story

Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc. (LCHS, Inc.) is the ONLY organization working to build and operate a 21st century no-kill pet animal shelter to serve all Leavenworth County residents.

Leavenworth Humane Society was first documented in the Leavenworth Times in 1885.  By-laws were registered in 1888. The word “County” was added to our name in 1950.  The original mission was to “prevent and punish cruelty to children and animals, and improve enforcement of the laws relating thereto.”  Those objectives remain today.
The group had some stops and restarts over the years.  With new founders, renewed vision and vitality, LCHS, Inc. was launched once again in June 2009.
Leavenworth County Humane Society, committed to the future of Leavenworth County, working with city and county governments, participating in the Chambers of Commerce in Basehor, Leavenworth-Lansing Area, and Tonganoxie Business Association, and with the Leavenworth County Development Corporation.
LCHS, Inc. works with human services agencies in Leavenworth County, because where animals suffer, people are at risk, and where people suffer, animals are at risk.

The LCHS, Inc. marquee that reads "You can't change a pet's past, but you can rewrite a future!"
LCHS, Inc.'s Director of Animal Welfare standing beside the Executive Director.

Kesha Laughlin, Director of Animal Welfare &
Crystal Swann-Blackdeer, Executive Director. 

Our Leadership

Our board brings a wide variety of experience, backgrounds and interests to work for all the residents (people and pets) of Leavenworth County. 

Board members sign a contract and a conflict of interest statement, for a term of 3 years.
Crystal Swann Blackdeer is our Executive Director, and she is still a volunteer!

Transparency & Accountability

Interested in our intake and outcome statistics?

Want to see our Annual Reports to the KS Secretary of State’s Office?

Want to review our IRS Form 990s?

Like to read the minutes from our monthly Board meetings?

Or have your own copy of the By Laws?

We do Open Records Requests each year to all the cities and the county, too, so we have numbers for their pet animal operations too.

Just send an email to letting us know what you want, or what questions you have! 

We’re happy to share.

You can even look us up yourself:

LCHS, Inc. Profile at Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (Powered by Guidestar)

Kansas Secretary of State Business Filings

A woman playing with a dog outside.
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