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Our Story

Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc. (LCHS, Inc.)
is the ONLY organization working to build and operate
a 21st century no-kill pet animal shelter to serve all Leavenworth County residents.

Leavenworth Humane Society was first documented in the Leavenworth Times in 1885.  By-laws were registered in 1888.  The word “County” was added to our name in 1950.  The original mission was to “prevent and punish cruelty to children and animals, and improve enforcement of the laws relating thereto.”  Those objectives remain today.
The group had some stops and restarts over the years.  With new founders, renewed vision and vitality, LCHS, Inc. was launched once again in June 2009.
Leavenworth County Humane Society, committed to the future of Leavenworth County, working with city and county governments, participating in the Chambers of Commerce in Basehor, Leavenworth-Lansing Area, and Tonganoxie Business Associaiton, and with the Leavenworth County Development Corporation.
LCHS, Inc. works with human services agencies in Leavenworth County, because where animals suffer, people are at risk, and where people suffer, animals are at risk.

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Who We Are


Our board brings a wide variety of experience, backgrounds and interests to work for all the residents (people and pets) of Leavenworth County.    Board members sign a contract and a conflict of interest statement, for a term of 3 years.
Crystal Swann Blackdeer is our Executive Director, still a volunteer!


Interested in our intake and outcome statistics?

Want to see our Annual Reports to the KS Secretary of State’s Office?

Want to review our IRS Form 990s?

Like to read the minutes from our monthly Board meetings?

Or have your own copy of the By Laws?

We do Open Records Requests each year to all the cities and the county, too, so have numbers for their pet animal operations too.

Just send an email to letting us know what you want, or what questions you have!  We’re happy to share.

You can even look us up yourself:

LCHS, Inc. Profile at Greater Kansas City Community Foundation (Powered by Guidestar)

Kansas Secretary of State Business Filings


Frequently Asked Questions

Why LCHS, Inc.?

LCHS, Inc. was restarted to overcome the lack of animal care and control services for residents in much of Leavenworth County.  LCHS, Inc. is working to build and operate a state-of-the-art, 21st century no-kill pet animal shelter to serve all Leavenworth County residents.

Who runs LCHS, Inc.?

LCHS, Inc. is led by a Board of Directors, with an Executive Director responsible for day-to-day operations.

Why not just build a taxpayer supported shelter to serve the whole county?

That would be great, if the government entities could agree to do that. LCHS, Inc. will never operate a shelter where government or law enforcement make decisions about which animals get to live and which must die. We believe these decisions should be made in the best interests of the animal and the community, based on a veterinary recommendation and with consideration for public health and welfare. Making space will never be a reason for euthanasia at our shelter.

What animals does LCHS, Inc. take in?

What is Domino’s Legacy?

What is LCHS, Inc.’s relationship with Leavenworth Animal Control?

Leavenworth Animal Control is an agency of the Leavenworth Police Department. As compassionate as their officers are, their main focus is providing public safety and health services, and enforcing Leavenworth and Kansas animal laws and ordinances.
The staff of Leavenworth Animal Control shelter works very hard to reunite pets with owners, and to adopt pets to great homes. If residents want the policies at Leavenworth AC to change, those citizens of Leavenworth need to demand that of their elected representatives.

Is LCHS, Inc. part of the Humane Society of the U.S.?

LCHS, Inc. and all local humane societies, are independent entities, not branches or subordinate groups of the Humane Society of the U.S. LCHS, Inc. takes advantage of the training, education resources and potential grants available through the Humane Society of the U.S., just as we seek out and use resources available through other large and national animal welfare organizations.

What is LCHS, Inc.’s relationship with LAWS and HOPE, Inc.?

LCHS, Inc. supports the goals and efforts of Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society and HOPE, Inc. We have much in common. We all want to help pet animals.
LCHS‘s focus is county-wide, with special emphasis on those areas currently unserved or under-served by existing animal care and control operations. Second, LCHS is determined to build and operate the centrally located, state-of-the-art, 21st century no-kill pet animal shelter that the people and pets of Leavenworth County deserve, need and demand.  For information on other organizations, it’s best to ask them!

What is TNR?

Trap/Neuter/Return is an effort to sterilize and vaccinate feral (free-roaming, barn) cats to prevent overpopulation and protect the health of existing cats. The ideal is to return feral cats to their present homes.

Domino was a 6-month old pup, hit by a car on a county road. A caring citizen notified the Sheriff’s Office, and they called us. LCHS, Inc. provided emergency care to Domino, but he was too badly injured to survive. His life ended far too soon, but he lives on through contributions to Domino’s Legacy. This fund provides emergency care to injured or ill ownerless pets.

LCHS, Inc. may intake found or stray animals and those relinquished by an owner. Owners can include individuals, a veterinary clinic, or a shelter or rescue.  As a managed admission shelter, priority is to found pets in those cities who have a contract with us, and found pets outside city limits in Leavenworth County.  Owner surrenders are scheduled as space allows.

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