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There are a number of ways you may donate to Leavenworth County Humane Society, Inc.

Any amount helps, and is greatly appreciated!

Each healthy pet costs us about $200 to prepare for adoption, so every dollar helps!

Examples of costs include:

$50 for Vaccinations

$100 for Food for a week

$120 for Spay/neuter

Kennel Roof Fund

Currently, our outdoor kennels are covered by shade cloth, which makes things pretty messy when it rains or snows! We would like to build a real roof on that area so dogs and volunteers can stay safe and dry on less than perfect weather days. 

The Estimated cost for this project is $30,000

So any support you can give will help! 

Fence Fund

The North end of our property is unfenced, and we need help to fix that! Our property not being fenced means that we are always especially concerned about dogs accidentally getting loose during walks and other activities. While our amazing staff and volunteers always work with the utmost care, accidents can happen and this fence would help give our pets another level of safety.

The estimated cost for this project is $2,000

We’re grateful for donations – whether monetary or in-kind. 

Donations of items are called “in-kind” donations, and they save us money because we don’t have to BUY the items we use most often.
We keep items we are in need of up to date on our Amazon Wish List 

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